news 2021 11 tawny frogmouthWildlife Emergency Services were called to Northern on Saturday to attend to a crisis situation. Two of our favourite residents on course displaced by the 110 kmh winds on Friday morning were to be taken to a safe refuge that they might recover from the trauma that they had suffered in the latest storm to hit Northern.

Our Tawny Frogmouth and baby, homeless after the wild weather, were found on Barney Sullivan’s seat at the 6th mens tee on Saturday afternoon, frightened and defenceless and probably at the mercy of the animals of the night. They were certainly the centre of attention for the afternoon players with their mobile phone cameras but their safety and well-being were first and foremost in everyone’s minds. We’ve never had the opportunity to see such reclusive birds close-up before.

Our members sincerely hope that the message from the Wildlife Emergency Agency “Mother and baby doing well” will be received.

Generations of Tawny Frogmouths have been resident, well camouflaged and hard to find, at the 6th tee for more than 40 years. It is to be hoped that they will one day return to their home and will be again a special and mysterious feature of Northern’s magnificent environment. Members wish the pair well.