The Lifestyle Membership is a 7 Day membership available to those aged between 30 and 50 years of age who are time poor or find it difficult to meet the financial demands of the full membership subscription.

This membership allocates 120 points to members to be used as in the table below. When all points are used, additional points can be purchased for $300 for each 30 points purchased.

Lifestyle Membership $ 1,944

Table of Points

Saturday AM 10 Points
Saturday PM 9 Points
Sunday AM 8 Points
Sunday PM 7 Points
Monday   3 Points
Tuesday AM 4 Points
Tuesday PM 3 Points
Wednesday AM 7 Points
Wednesday PM PM 8 Points
Thursday AM 5 Points
Thursday PM 4 Points
Friday   4 Points
Any Day after 4pm After 4pm 1 Point


  • Points DO NOT carry over to the next year.
  • Lifestyle Members have unrestricted timesheet access.
  • Lifestyle Members are NOT eligible for Club Championships or Monthly Medals.
  • Induction is required for new members.

Joining Fee of $2,500 is applicable, only a $100 Application Fee, together with Golf Australia Fee of $80, Member’s Insurance of $25 and House Levy of $200.

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